Bank of India being a major bank in the public sector always endeavours to strike a viable equilibrium between commercial objectives and social responsibilities. As a reaffirmation of our commitment to the corporate mission, we in our centenary year, started credit counseling services at free of cost to the Common People to enable them to lead a respectable life.

The Credit Counseling services were started under the aegis of the Trust "ABHAY " which was launched at the hands of His Excellency President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at New Delhi on 25th August, 2006. The first center was inaugurated at Mumbai by Dr. Y.V.Reddy, Governor, Reserve Bank of India on 7th September,2006 which was followed by Centres at Mumbai, Wardha in Nagpur, Chennai and Gumla in Jharkhand.

The following are the main objectives of the Trust.

  • Advising on gaining access to structured financial system including banking
  • Creating awareness among the public about financial management
  • Counseling people who are struggling to meet the repayment obligations and helping debt resolution
  • Helping in rehabilitation of borrowers in

Friendly and timely guidance coupled with related support extended by the counselors will not only mitigate the immediate stress of the trapped individuals and their households, but it will also help to infuse confidence in others who are in distress, irrespective whether they are customers of Bank of India or other Banks. With the common objectives of counseling the borrowers, different focus is being given in metro/urban and rural areas, to meet their different needs.

Our endeavour is continuing to be provide more and more social services in the years to come. The relationship we maintain is beyond banking.


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